Antonisen Consult solves tasks within the healthcare sector and deliver advice on reprocessing of medical equipment which can be sterilized, infection control, logistic and layout and process optimization. AC offers assistance with project management, reorganization, quality improvement, audit, consulting for new construction, reconstruction, renovation and elaboration and implementation of quality systems. Antonisen Consult advises on logistics, storage conditions, process flow and can also help with planning and execution of training, seminars and workshops. The company often works with holistic solutions that involve more of the above elements.

Reprocessing medical devices

Advisory for reprocessing and process equipment - Advice and help to suppliers of reusable medical devices - Advice on proper handling of clean and sterile disposables.

Infection Control

Infection - Infection Chain - Interruption of infection routes - Infection Prevention - Hygiene Courses.

Project management

Overview, structure, management, time schedules, changes.


Hygiene audit, hygiene review, quality management systems, preparation for accreditation / certification.

Logistics & Layout

New construction, reconstruction and renovation. Optimized workflows. Flow, logistics and storage conditions. IT supported and automated solutions. Robot Technology.


Reprocessing of medical reusable equipment, Infection Prevention, hygiene. Small and large groups based on participants' qualifications.


Capacity calculations for process- and transport equipment, personnel resource calculations, specifications, optimal workflows, process flow, logistics and storage conditions, quality improvements within reprocessing area, preparation of reprocessing instructions that meet Danish and international requirements.


Antonisen Consult ApS
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